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We take health for granted. The eyes look, the lungs breathe, the heart pumps blood, and we do not even think to encourage the body to work together. We eat and drink anything, kill time at the computer, sleep for 4 hours… In youth, this does not seem important, understanding comes only with age, when health begins to misbehave. Why wait? We offer to think about thirty and one more fact that you may not have known about health.

When you are young, no one thinks that you need to take care of your health. It seems that there is nothing special about the work of the body. We do not think that food should be useful, there is little time for sleep because of the turbulent young life, and the computer, how many hours can you sit at it? But our body works very smoothly, and all systems and organs depend on each other and help each other. And there comes a moment when everything gradually begins to collapse, to collapse. And then we remember about health, it Turns out that it is important to take care of it, but sometimes it is quite late. Why not wait for unnecessary problems? I offer interesting facts about health that you may not know.

1. Consumption of a large amount of SALT. Salt retains fluid in the body, is poorly excreted from it, and there is a high probability of cardiovascular diseases. If you reduce your salt intake by at least a quarter, you can avoid such complications. 2. quality of sleep and rest. If you sleep less than 4 hours a night, it will lead to failures of all systems and organs. You need to fall asleep 2 hours before midnight, at this time the best quality rest, and poor quality sleep can lead to obesity.

3. Depression. If you are constantly alone, there is no opportunity to share your successes or failures, there is not enough presence in the life of loved ones, loved ones – this can lead to a depressive state of your body, which reduces the immune system, which is a favorable factor for the development of various diseases. 4. Work that does not bring pleasure. A person who does not get satisfaction from their work, daily experiences stress, becomes mentally unbalanced, which naturally leads to failures in the body.

Or you can find the best photo of yourself and put it in the kitchen, and next to place a photo where the figure is already a little different. We approach the table and suddenly, the eye involuntarily falls on these photos, and the desire to take food may not be so strong. What is not motivation?

Carrot tops contain selenium, which helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent cancer. The substances contained in the tops have an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, accelerate the process of epithelial recovery, and the high content of Potassium helps to keep blood pressure normal.

Clark Kenny

Walking in the fresh air. This is a cardio load that has a positive effect on the work of the entire body. This is getting rid of hypodynamia, it is training the cardiovascular system, lungs, and musculoskeletal system. Note, just walking in the fresh air. It's simple.

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